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03.11.2017 12:50 - 22 days in the Ice - Baltic Winter passes Northern Sea Route
The voyage lasted 22 days at least. With an average speed of 15 knots our Baltic Winter passed the NSR from Cina via Russia to Germany successfully. Instead taking the much longer trip southbound via..
18.10.2017 13:44 - 40th Anniversary
With 130 customers, suppliers, partners and friends we celebrated our 40th anniversary of both Shipping Company and Engineering Bureau Heino Winter last Friday 13th.

Weather was ..
A revealing article about our company and industry from shipping magazine INSIDE MARINE

04.05.2017 11:00 - Technical Management for MV VestVind
We proudly welcome MV VestVind in our fleet, for which Reederei Heino Winter has been nominated as technical and nautical managers. The one year old vessel was originally constructed as an offshore ..
25.01.2017 16:00 - Advanced Shipmanagement with Cloud Fleet Manager
As part of the internal digitalisation strategy and for a more efficient and effective management of our vessels, we decided to integrate all modules of the Cloud Fleet Manager from Hanseaticsoft.
25.01.2017 12:19 - MV Jule recently spotted in Hamburg Finkenwerder
Our Jule was recently in Hamburg for several days to discharge steel and coal products which gave us the unique chance to make some nice shots of her directly before our frontdoor.

25.01.2017 11:59 - Shiploader Heavy Lift on MV Atlantic Winter


Loading and transport of heavy shiploader on deck was ..
25.01.2017 12:57 - MV Baltic Winter: Heavy Lift Cranes on deck
From Europe to Asia we shipped two heavy lift port cranes on deck end of last year. Find some impressive pictures here.
19.09.2016 17:56 - MV Linde in Hamburg
Right in front of the Elbphilharmonie our Linde was recently loading breakbulk for South America. Weather was nice and gave some nice shots with the skyline of Hamburg.

31.08.2016 16:01 - Thorco Atlantic helicopter landing and discharging tugs in West Africa
For watching the video click here: https://youtu.be/QBJ-04urQV8

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